This is a one-on-one surfboard shaping lesson with Paul, in his shaping bay in Cosa Mesa, CA.

The average shaping lesson takes between 4-6 hours. The lessons are very thorough and we always recommend splitting your private lesson into two sessions.

These classes are open to all ages and all levels of surfers, each lesson is customized to meet your needs.


+ Custom Surfboard cost.

how long will the lesson take?

Average shape lesson for a Shortboard or Fish is 4 hours. Mini-Simmons, Guns, and Longboards can take upwards of five 6 hours.

We can do that in a day or split it in a few sessions.


During your shaping lesson you will learn about board design, functionality, basic and advanced shaping techniques.

We explain tool use and safety throughout the shaping process, the theory and implementation of board design, and proper shaping technique.

We work side by side with you throughout the shaping of your board and help to ensure that you finish the lesson with the board you imagined.


The glass of your board will be handled separately .


Here is a breakdown of the out the door price of building a shortboard thruster (sand only) complete including your lesson:

US Blanks Short Board Blank $60.00; Four Hour Shape Lesson $280; Professional Glassjob $210;