round twin

This is a high performance twin fin works to provide a unique line for critical pocket surfing by adding some retro twists. The classic Mark Richards inspired twin fins were custom foiled to maximize drive, speed, and hold through steep sections working in tandem with a unique, deep double concave that exhibits its deepest point in the concave closest to the rail line. This elongates the apex of the double concave's spine into a bell shaped curve that introduces properties of convexity to a bottom contour that has traditionally been mostly focused on its concave structure. This deep concave builds in additional tail rocker allowing ease through more vertical approaches. Surf the Round Pin Twin off the tail or take a step forward to take advantage of the model's high volume mid-section and nose coupled with a low entry rocker and beak making it an optimal sled for trimming forward to pump or build speed before approaching an open face or ending section. 

Starting at $795

Stock Dims:

5’2     19 1/4      2 1/4        24.3 L
5’4     19 1/2      2 5/16     26.5 L
5’6     19 3/4     2 3/8       28.5 L
5’8     20          2 7/16      30.6 L
5’10    20 1/4    2 1/2        32.9 L
6’0     20 1/2    2 3/4       37.2 L
6’2     21           2 7/8       41.0 L