nose rider

This log trims fast, pivots well off the tail, and exhibits stable noserides. Based off a late 60's, transition era outline, our Classic Noserider combines classic and contemporary with the wide point set back from center and the rails foiled thin. The wide, set back hips and thin foil make this model responsive and spunky when surfing it off the back. A contemporary nose concave fits well with the boards thin foil, providing added stability for long noserides that can hold through less than perfect condition without disrupting its trimability.

Starting at $1 195

Stock Dims:

9’0    22 1/2       2 7/8       68.5L
9’2    22 5/8      2 7/8       70.1L
9’4    22 3/4      2 15/16     73.1L
9’6    23            3              76.8L
9’8    23 1/8       3 1/8        81.9L